How an offer to vacate seat for a 50 year old led to a brutal murder, read the complete story

Brutal Murer || Haryana || ThePoliticalIndia: Six days after the brutal killing of a 16-year-old Muslim boy, Junaid Khan by a mod inside a moving train in Ballabhgarh left the nation in shock and had triggered out a widespread outrage across the country.

Four men have been arrested till now by the Haryana Police for the crime, including two Delhi government employees- a 31-year-old health department inspector and a 50-year-old Delhi Jal Board official. The other two are youths in their 20s working in a private company in South Delhi.

Police said the man who had stabbed the teenager is yet to arrest, but he has identified from CCTV footage recovered from the railway station of Asaoti on Monday.

Here’s what happened before he has stabbed.

Junaid along with his brothers- Mohsin, Moeem, and Haseem- were sitting in the fifth coach of the train, the DJB staffer told the police that he and the other Government staff boarded the train from Okhla. The other Two got on the train at Bata Chowk.

Since the train was somewhat crowded, the government officials moved towards the teenagers who were sitting and playing a board game and asked them to make space for them to sit too.

Junaid then offered his seat to a 50-year-old man, a kind gesture that angered the inspector somehow. He and the DJB staff started abusing and hurling communal abuses to Junaid and his brothers.

They tried to protest, but a scuffle ensued. The official told that youth that was standing behind Junaid suddenly jumped in and started thrashing and abusing Junaid. The other two accused also joined the fight.

Police told that Junaid and his brothers somehow managed to free themselves and run to the fourth compartment.

The train stopped at the Tughlakabad station, Mohsin then called up his family to rescue them from the fight. The men also called a few people from Ballabhgarh to board the train.

Four men from the accused side and three people known to Junaid including his relative Shaqir, all boarded the train from the Ballabhgarh Railway Station. Mohsin got off the train to inform his father about the fight.

Meanwhile, the second battle had already begun inside the train, during which Shaqir attacked one of the youths with his belt.

But they were overpowered by the suspects between two seats and Junaid was then stabbed by a suspect which was later identified from the CCTV, fleeing the spot on his motorcycle with two other men.

Police have prepared a sketch of the man who had stabbed Junaid from the CCTV footage.