Nawaz Sharif says : No power on earth can stop Pakistan from supporting Kashmiris

On Monday, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Needling India over Jammu and Kashmir issue, India will be “mistaken” if it equates the “freedom struggle” of Kashmiri people with terrorist act.

Sharif said during a meeting of his Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s central working group here, “India is mistaken if it considers that a freedom fight may be equated with terrorist act.”

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Kashmiris were fighting for their right of self-determination and Pakistan would still support them, Sharif said.

He said, “No power in the world will stop us from supporting the freedom struggle of Kashmiris, Pakistan is committed to the Jammu and Kashmir cause.”

Sharif’s comments came amid heightened tensions between

Sharif within the past week chaired cabinet meeting, addre

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Prompted India to conduct surgical strike on terror launch pads on the LoC, India and Pakistan after the September eighteen Uri terror attack that.

To discuss tensions with India, ssed a joint session of the Parliament and attended National Security Committee’s meeting.

Monday’s meeting came amidst wrangling along with his party how to deal Imran Khan’s threat to clean up capital of Pakistan on thirty October over alleged corruption by Sharif’s family.