Make in India campaign marks 2 years on Sunday

The government on Sunday declared that foreign direct investment inflows into the country had recorded their highest level on the idea of a yearly comparision, as the create in India campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes 2 years.

The Department of industrial Policy and Promotion said during a post on the programme’s Twitter handle, “There has ne’er been a stronger time to #MakeInIndia. India records its highest ever year-on-year FDI inflows.”

It said in a separate tweet, “With two years of #MakeInIndia comes two years of doing business created easier.”

Referring to the campaign’s lion image, it added in another tweet, “The Lion turns 2 today.”

The Lok Sabha was told during the recently-concluded monsoon session, Bharat saw a record fifty three per cent increase in FDI within the last 2 years owing to steps taken to foster growth.

With the rise over 2 years being fifty three per cent, Arun Jaitley minister of finance had said that, “comprehensive reforms” had resulted within the highest ever FDI flow in 2015-16.”

The continuous decline in Indian exports since last year had finally been arrested, and said growth currently will beslow and steady.

While (RBI) Federal Reserve Bank of Bharat information earlier this month showed this account deficit sharply declined to $0.3 billion in 2016-17’s first quarter from $6.1 billion in the same quarter of 2015-16. India’s deficit in August this year at $7.67 billion witnessed a thirty eight per cent fall compared to the same month last year at $12.40 billion.

The Indian economy is predicted to boost in short-term but personal sector investments would be a matter for concern owing to sluggish capability employment and pressure on company earnings, industry chamber Assocham said earlier this year on the idea of a survey.