As India Spars With Pak Over Terror : Sale of Chinese product Take a hit

Many traders have demanded a complete boycott of products from Pak’s all weather-friend, China, With India-Pakistan tensions soaring high following the Uri attack.

They said even the demand for Chinese product has gone down, a minimum of by 20 per cent if not more. the most of the Chinese imports, Traders in old Delhi’s wholesale markets, are among the primary to respond to the calls of boycott on the ground.

He said the Chinese product, at one time, held a close to monopoly in India’s small-scale trade market. said another trader at Bhagirath Palace Market, Sales of Chinese items are right down to 30-40%,” one of the biggest wholesale markets in Old Delhi for fancy-lights.

Some of them even asked for the govt to impose stricter import controls. The traders at Delhi’s famous Chandni Chowk cite multiple reasons for the slide in demand for Chinese product.

One of the biggest markets for the sale of firecrackers in the city, said a merchandiser from Dariba Kalan, “China is supporting Pakistan and that harms us – why should we send our cash to them?”

China has remained noncommittal on action against Pathankot mastermind and Pakistan-based leader of terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed, in the wake of India’s growing row with Pakistan.

Local traders in Dariba Kalan have put-up hoardings and posters in public proclaiming a boycott of Chinese product, As Diwali approaches, and inspiring local production and sale of fire-crackers.

We will neither buy their product nor allow their sale here”, added another. we are anti-Chinese. we are against anyone who isn’t in India’s favour. said a consumer watching the posters, “We will buy deshi things, only what’s being created in our country.”

The Old Delhi government banned Chinese crackers 2 years ago, citing pollution and health concerns.

A shop-owner in Sadar Bazaar who sells firecrackers, said, “These days on WhatsApp and social media there are rumours that Chinese goods contain chemicals that cause infections.”

“Chemicals are dangerous for kids so we’d not prefer to buy them,” a lady standing at the shop along with her kid said.

Consumers are justifying their stand against product manufactured in China, rom quality concerns to recent political events. Their reasons could differ, however there’s a broad consensus among traders that the demand for Chinese product has slumped during this festive season.