India likely to withdraw eight diplomats after Pakistani media compromises their identities

Islamabad: In the latest tit-for-tit action amid raging Indo-Pak tensions, On Thursday, Pakistani media named at least 8 staffers at the Indian High Commission (IHC) here and accused them of carrying out ‘anti-Pakistan activities.

On Thursday Pakistani media identified at least 8 Indian staffers and accused them of “anti-Pakistan activities”. “India was mulling withdrawal of 8 of its diplomats as their security has been “completely compromised” Sources in the External Affairs Ministry said on Wednsday. After Pakistan pulled out 6 of its officials in the wake of a spy scandal involving staffers of its High Commission in New Delhi.

First 2 Indian officials were named on Wednesday afternoon but by late night, the number soared to 8.

The Dawn reported that the alleged Indian intelligence personnel, whose cover was blown off in the media leak include commercial counsellor Rajesh Kumar Agnihotri, press and culture Balbir Singh, Vijay Kumar Verma and Madhavan Nanda Kumar, first secretary, visa attache Amardeep Singh Bhatti, commercial Anurag Singh, visa assistants Dharmedra, and assistant, personnel welfare office Jayabalan Senthil.

The names have, however, not been officially confirmed by the Foreign Office But The media leak claimed that the officials were working for either RAW or for the Indian Intelligence Bureau.

Including attempts to disrupt the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and “create fear and chaos in the country, the Indian ‘agents’ were found to be involved in “subversive activities, According to the information leaked to the media.

The Dawn said these Indian officials could be declared persona non-grata by Pakistani authorities in the coming days or India might withdraw them.

They are also alleged to have been building a network of informants in fabricating evidence and Pakistan for tarnishing the country.

The withdrawn Pakistani officers and staffers reached Lahore on Wednesday.