Former CEC Quraishi to marry Nepal’s current election commissioner

The two might be reaching the ‘logical conclusion’ of their communion this week, Reports in The Telegraph suggested Thursday.

The current election commissioner of Nepal Ila Sharma and Former Chief Election Commissioner of India SY Quraishi met at a conference in Mexico last year, in what has turned out to be a meet-cute of the political spheres.

The two times that they’ve tried to get married, some or the other reason caused them to delay, terming the timing of the wedding “speculative”, Quraishi said that. Though apprehensive to speak on the subject, Quraishi has since admitted that the two have a “personal bond”. Sharma, 49 and Quraishi, 69, reportedly hit it off during the conference on money in politics in Mexico in September 2015 and have come close ever since.

The prospective bride and groom were both facing mild resistance from their families, The paper, citing sources, said.

Sharma, an alumnus of Gorakhpur University and the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi, lost her husband during an attack by Maoists in western Nepal about 15 years ago. Quraishi is a St. Stephen’s alumnus and a 1971-batch IAS officer, who is divorced from Humra Quraishi, a journalist and columnist.