Congress demands for special parliament session to declare Pakistan a terrorist state

To declare Pakistan a terrorist state Congress demands for special parliament session

Congress these days demanded that a session of Parliament be convened to declare Pakistan a terrorist state in the wake of the Uri terror attack.

It also alleged that the Narendra Modi government has responded solely with “jumlas (gimmicks) and rhetoric” since the attack happened and favoured withdrawal of the most favoured nation status to Islamic Republic of Pakistan and imposition of economic sanctions on that.

They failing in this also,” party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi told reporters, accusative the govt of doing “precious little” to put Islamabad in the dock. We believe extreme situation demands extreme decisions. By now, Pakistan should have been declared a terrorist state.

We demand near absolute economic sanctions on Pakistan. he said, There should be a session of Parliament to debate our security situation and declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

Singhvi said, Bharat is “looking weak, having didn’t deliver meaty blows” to Pakistan. The government’s response to the attack has been only through “rhetoric and jumlas” and also the Prime Minister’s speech at Kozhikode demonstrated “strategic ambiguity”.

He said targeting the govt, Aimless political strategy isn’t a synonym of strategic restraint. We don’t wish this to lead to a strategic confusion, make India a laughing stock. It shouldn’t let the globe suppose that India has an aimless political strategy.

Singhvi said that such restraint within the face of such provocation shouldn’t mean the absence of a strategic response. Noting that Congress also believed in strategic restraint.

“People of India need concrete actions against the rogue nation of Pakistan,” he said, adding the terror attacks at Uri and Pathankot have together taken a toll not seen within the last 20-22 years.

He said “We demand the considerable scaling down of Pakistan’s High Commission in Delhi,” and questioned why there was delay in considering and finalising the asylum request of the Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti.

In a veiled attack on Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and National Security adviser Ajit Doval, “Political and administrative accountability” of the very best offices need to be also fixed within the context of these responsible for security.