Arvind Kejriwal ‘salutes’ Narendra Modi for surgical strikes

Arvind Kejriwal ‘salutes’ Narendra Modi for surgical strikes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s persistent critic and adversary, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, “saluted” him in a rare gesture on Monday.

The AAP leader also asked the PM to demolish Pakistan’s counter-propaganda to influence international opinion on the surgical strikes by the military on terror launch pads across the LoC last week. He might have differences with Modi over many issues, but by undertaking the surgical strikes, the PM has shown the need to deal with Pakistan, added Kejriwal.

“Last week our Army showed valour and avenged the deaths of nineteen soldiers killed in the Uri attack. i’ll have differences with the Prime Minister over 100 issues. but once he has shown the desire (to deal with this matter), I salute him,” he said.

This is perhaps the first time that Arvind, who has been critical of the Narendra Modi government and its Pakistan policy, has come out praising him. On the day of the strikes, Delhi Chief Minister had hailed the military, but there was no word of praise for Modi.

A day later, he had told the Delhi Assembly that it’s time to stand with the Centre and the differences between them can be sorted out later.

Claiming that Pakistan has gone “berserk” once the strike, Kejriwal said it’s resorting to a smear campaign against India at world fora and this needs to be countered.

“It has resorted to playing dirty politics. Since the last 2 days, Pakistan is taking international journalists to the border and trying to show that surgical strikes ne’er took place. 2 days back, the United Nations gave a statement that there was no such activity on the border,” he said.

The UN Military Observer group in India and Pakistan “has not directly observed” any firing on the LoC, United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric had said on September thirty.

“Pakistan is indulging in smearing India’s image at the international level. My blood poached over these news reports.”

“I appeal to the Prime Minister that the way he and also the Army taught Pakistan a lesson on ground, he ought to also unmask the info by Pakistan at the international level. the complete country is with you,” he said.