Arnab Goswami quits Times Now as editor-in-chief after 10-year stint at the top

Arnab Goswami declared his decision to a closed group of staff in an editorial meeting, The News Minute reported.

The outgoing Times now editor-in-chief has been known for his programmes frankly Speaking with Arnab and NewsHour.

There is no official confirmation to the current effect from the news channel or from Goswami himself so far.

The move to provide security cover to a journalist was questioned and criticised by several, as well as former Supreme Court choose Markandey Katju. when the Intelligence Bureau perceived a threat to his life from “Pakistan based terrorists groups” Arnab Goswami was recently also given “Y category” security cover from the govt.

He joined Times now in 2006. Goswami started his career with The Telegraph in Kolkata after that he moved to NDTV 24×7.

It should be kept in mind that the brand Times now and brand Goswami are almost synonymous . Goswami’s brand of journalism has typically come back under flak, especially the daily NewsHour.

His success let him run the show at his terms. as the article in Caravan points out, it absolutely was the revenue from advertisements in his show, that created up for the wages of the majority of staff. The revenue running in purely on the success of his showing emotion charged prime time show, kept the reins in his hand. The article in Caravan further reads, “from the inner pages of newspapers he plucked events scantly explored but rich with emotional resonance.”