The Nation newspaper says : Worried Pakistan asks US to help bring India to talks

ISLAMABAD – unnamed official Pakistani sources told the newspaper, The Nation, Washington has responded to a worried Pakistan pressuring the United States government to help bring india to the negotiating table.

Pakistan foreign ministry sources added , This, despite the United States being ” suspicious of Pakistan’s anti-terror role.”

A Pakistan foreign ministry official told the nation, Pakistan didn’t want the region to be pushed to war.

An official is quoted by the nation as saying, they’re convinced regarding our efforts for talks however believe Bharat may be right to doubt United States. Washington has told United States the total West and India doubt Pakistan’s credentials on anti-terrorism war.

The official added, Pakistan had complained to the United States that India was avoiding talks despite multiple offers from Pakistan.”

“Washington had asked Pakistan to improve its “anti-terror image” as it tries to bring India to the dialogue table,” Another official told the paper.

The foreign ministry sources told the nation, Recent appeals by the United States for dialogue between the 2 countries – daily United States State Department briefings – were actually a result of Pakistan pressing Washington about persuading India for talks.

A Pakistan foreign ministry official told the state, we’ve been telling them all these weeks that we had nothing to do with Uri attack or any such incident. Like United States they believe talks is that the best way out but they still keep on asking United States to do more.

Islamabad and New Delhi should adopt a “conciliatory approach” to resolve their problems, State Department spokesman Mark Toner added . In one more stern warning to Pakistan, the United States earlier in the week said it’s working very hard to push Islamabad to go after terrorist teams that seek safe haven on its soil and territory.

After India’s retaliatory strikes in Pakistani-occupied-Kashmir, Tension between India and Pakistan has escalated following the Uri terror attack last month. The Uri attack killed nineteen soldiers.