Sunil Grover Bring Back The Comedy Family

Sunil Grover, Doctor Mashoor Gulati is coming back with the entire team including Chandan Prabhakar, Sanket Bhosle, Ali Asgar, and Sugandha Mishra.

Sunil Grover has taken the charge to bring back the long lost laughter times. The only one who will be missing is Kapil Sharma, Kiku Sharda and Sumona Chakravarty.

The actor is still considering his many options before saying yes to the one. The Sunil is busy doing what he does the best. Sunil is not sitting idle.

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After his many live gigs in different cities now he wrote on his facebook, “Garmi ma Mango Khau su! Badha sathe aau chu..! Ahmedabad see you on 27th May! in the poster shared by Sunil Grover “The Comedy Family” there is Rinku Bhabhi, Mashoor Gulati, Vidyavati-Sugandha Mishra, Nani-Ali Asgar, Sanket Bhosle and TV actor Roshni Chopra.

In Sony Television show Sabse Bada Kalakar, Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar have already made an appearance together. The is the first time that we will see Chandan Prabhakar in action, after the mid-air feud between Kapil and Sunil.

In a very short span, Kapil Sharma’s show has dropped from 7 million impressions to just 3.9 Million impressions. The ratings of the show have dropped to half. Kapil Sharma show is struggling hard to survive amidst competition.