Soon, pay Rs 915 to use Lucknow-Delhi e-way | India News

LUCKNOW: Appear January 15, get all set to shell out Rs 500 for a Lucknow-Agra Expressway push. The 302-km expressway, the longest in the country, will have two toll plazas — one particular each at Lucknow and Agra facet. They will be operated by the Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Improvement Authority. The overall toll for a travel from Lucknow to Delhi will be Rs 915, given that a push among Agra and Greater Noida now charges Rs 415.

The precise total, even so, will be finalised shortly for a push among Lucknow and Agra, an official mentioned on Wednesday. “We are in the method of finalising the total that will be billed up to each exit position on the stretch. For occasion, if one particular is likely from Lucknow and exiting the expressway at Kannauj, he or she will advise the toll plaza at Lucknow and shell out a decreased total,” mentioned the official.

Whilst the do the job in the expressway is still to be finished, another official mentioned, “Facilities alongside the expressway are still to be concluded. There are bogs alongside the stretch, but dining establishments and resorts will be constructed by April and petrol pumps by March.”

Uttar Pradesh industries minister Satish Mahana mentioned the point out federal government would acquire the toll for the very first two months. “We will evaluate how issues do the job for the very first two months. Later, we will appear out with a tender for toll selection,” he mentioned.

The flagship undertaking of former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav was inaugurated on November 21, 2016 and introduced down travel time among Lucknow and Agra to four hrs and among Lucknow and Delhi to six hrs. About 11,500 autos, excluding the large types, are now applying the expressway to and from Agra every day. The stretch has also used as an airstrip twice when the Indian Air Pressure landed fighter.

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