NDA To Fight 2019 Lok Sabha Polls under Narendra Modi

2019 Lok Sabha Polls under Narendra Modi || New Delhi || ThePoliticalIndia: According to sources, On Monday The NDA passed a resolution to fight elections of Lock Sabha 2019 under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sources said, “NDA urges the people to be determined to give the huge majority to PM Narendra Modi in 2009, to continue the development and poor welfare programs.”

The NDA leaders decided to work together to succeed in an election of Lok Sabha 2019 under the PM Modi,” BJP leader said.

NDA To Fight 2019 Lok Sabha Polls under Narendra Modi

In the meeting which attended bt 33 parties, there was no discussion on the upcoming vice presidential or presidential election.

Akali Dal’s Prakash Singh Badal and Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray represented their parties.

“The NDA meeting endorsed the policies of the government,” Arun Jaitley said.

He also said, “In its last 3 years, There was not a single corruption charge against the government. The government has done a good job.”

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When reporter asked Financial Minister Arun Jaitley, if there was any discussion about the presidential elections, Arun Jaitley denied it saying “NO”

The statement said, “After the independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is most popular Prime Minister of the country.”

“India needs a stable government for sustainable development,” Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP Chief said.