Google aims to develop more India-relevant features

A company official said here on Thursday, to launch its Street View feature in India, Search engine Google is yet to receive permission — primarily on the policy front.

He said Street View allows users to explore world, discover natural wonders, landmarks, and step inside locations such as arena, museums, transport hubs and parks. Maps Lead, Google India, Sanket Gupta said, ” The company is aiming to develop more country-relevant features, with more than 5,000 cities and 6 lakh villages mapped in India.”

Discussions are still happening on that front. As of now we have not been able to get permissions. Gupta said, “In India’s immediate neighbourhood, countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have it in the south Asian region and Japan are deploying it.” Gupta told the media, It’s more of a decision on the policy side that we have not been able to get permissions. We just need cars and cameras, Technically.

The landmark-based directions feature that we developed for India and from India, has been launched in other countries. We will launch it in Indonesia. Then we have the local guides program and ‘Named Intersections’. He said there are certain features which are especially relevant to India and the country has inspired the development of such features. Gupta said, The offline maps feature was inspired from India.”

Gupta said, We are also trying to explore partnership with the Railways for real-time train travel data but we don’t have a timeline on that.” He said, India is among the top five countries using offline maps today.