Election Commission Gets Ready For EVM Challenge

EVM Challenge || New Delhi || ThePoliticalIndia: The Election Commission will announce the schedule for its challenge to tamper with its EVM.

“A challenge was on the cards for political parties to prove the Electonic Voting Machines used in the recent elections tampered,” Chief Commissioner Nasim Zaidi said.

He added, “Parties can try and prove that EVMs can tamper.”

For the challenge, 100 EVMs from various parts of the country have brought to Vigyan Bhawan. In 2009 Commission held a similar challenge and no one was able to tamper with its machines.

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Before the press conference planned Saturday afternoon, A demonstration of EVMs machines has also organized by the Commission.

Some parties said their faith in the machine has eroded and the EC should revert to the old ballot paper system.

Some parties said elections should be held using EVMs.

BSP, AAP, and Congress said the paper ballot system was better, While the BJP, JD(U), NCP, DMK, AIADMK, CPI (M), and CPI clearly supported the use of EVM.

The AAP and the BSP had alleged that the machines used in the recent elections in Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh have tampered with to favor the BJP.