Barack Obama welcome Donald Trump to White House

Mr Barack Obama mounted a fierce campaign to prevent Mr Donald Trump from winning the White House, branding him “unfit” for office. when securing a surprise success over Hillary Clinton, Mr Donald Trump will become the forty fifth United States of America president.

#BarackObama said of Mr #DonaldTrump, “We are currently all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country.” however the president has currently urged all Americans to accept the results of Tuesday’s election.

“Mr Donald Trump should be given a “chance to steer,” his victory has sparked protests in many United States of America states,” Mr Barack Obama’s calls for unity and Mrs Clinton telling supporters.

Barack Obama to welcome Donald Trump to White House

Voicing opposition to Mr Donald Trump’s policies on immigration, gay rights and reproductive rights, many Anti-Trump demonstrators in #NewYork staged a march on #TrumpTower in Manhattan on Wednesday evening.

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Chanting: “No kkk, No Trump, “Not my president!” and No Fascists USA” Reports of protesters block the entrance to Trump Tower in Chicago on Wednesday evening.

Barack Obama to welcome Donald Trump to White House

Police earlier erected concrete barriers and different security measures outside the fifth Avenue skyscraper.

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American flags were burnt at some protests and in Oregon, Portland, demonstrators temporarily closed an interstate main road.

After the acrimonious election contest, Mr Donald Trump vowed to “bind the wounds of division,” In his victory speech within the early hours of Wednesday, and to be “president for all Americans”.

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Melania will have a meeting with 1st lady #MichelleObama in the White House residence. The president-elect are accompanied to the White House on Thursday morning by his wife.

“It was “no secret” that he and Mr Trump had pretty significant differences,” Mr Obama congratulated his successor during a telephone in the early hours of Wednesday.

“we all want what’s best for this country” and he was “heartened” by what he heard in Mr Trump’s remarks the night before.

Barack Obama to welcome Donald Trump to White House

“His immediate priorities will be restoring the country’s infrastructure and doubling its economic process,” said The president-elect, who has ne’er held elected office.

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Mr Trump is entitled to induce a similar daily intelligence briefing as President Obama.

Mr Trump’s team is understood to be focused on quickly filling key national security posts.

After losses overnight as Mr Trump’s surprise success became clear, financial markets rebounded as a feared meltdown failed to materialise.